I have a confession to make.  Most of what I know about history is the result of reading historical fiction. I enjoy learning about history, but dry facts can put you to sleep, and novels don't.
That is not to say that I depend on fiction for my source of facts, but historical novels raise my curiosity.  When I finish a book I am willing to work my way through standard history sources to discover how many of the events or people in the stories were real and what was fiction.  I have learned true facts about battles, laws, kings and catastrophes, all because authors set their characters in those situations and surrounded them with the people of the time. I always want to know how much is true.
When I decided to write what I most like to read, I found that research done to clarify a story point can lead me in directions I did not plan, but often need to be a part of the story to add depth and authenticity. I write fiction, but set in a time period that was very real. 
Stay tuned to see when the Wolverton World is available.  


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Kensington Publishing, 1996

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