My husband and I met, married and raised our two children in Southern California where we still live. Our oldest is married and has given me three wonderful grandsons. The other is an aerospace engineer who made watching The Big Bang Theory seem oddly familiar.


I started writing when a co-worker challenged me to write my own book after I complained about a disappointing story. Later, at the urging of friends and critique partners, I entered the Golden Heart Contest for Unpublished Writers, and Silent Song was one of six finalists in the short contemporary category. It eventually sold to Kensington Publishing.


Between my day job as a high school teacher and family obligations, writing was put on hold for several years. Once I retired, however, characters and story ideas began dancing in my head again, but now they danced to Regency music. The Wolverton World books are the result of letting them dance onto the manuscript page.


When not writing, I enjoy painting, photography, and reading.  Together, my husband and I often explore  the question of I wonder where that road goes?