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These are stand alone books whose characters are related by blood or friendship but whose stories are independent of the others.
Welcome to the Wolverton World
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Scandalizing the Duke

So far as the Duke of Wolverton is concerned, Charlotte Longborough is a scandal waiting to happen.

Lucien, Duke of Wolverton, vowed to lead a calm and entirely proper life after his youth was spent facing down the scandal created by his father. So, when his stepmother invites impulsive Charlotte Longborough and her sisters to stay with them, he is less than pleased. He is appalled when he finds Charlotte sleepwalking in the library, and horrified when he gives in to the temptation to kiss her awake.

    Charlotte Longborough's hopes for the Season are simple. She wants an offer of marriage from a gentleman who is both respectable and kind. Of course, it would be lovely if he adored her as well.

    But Charlotte knows not all men are kind, and she fears her former neighbor's wife is in danger from her husband. Can she convince the duke that Lady Dalton needs rescuing?

     . . . And what price will they pay if she does?

Chasing Scandal 

Protector or Conspirator?

Agent of the Crown Tristan Sheffield's mission to uncover a traitor is complicated by an abducted child and the woman who believes him to be the kidnapper. Though she protests her innocence in the conspiracy, his chilldhood in the rookeries taught him that women are as capable of evil as men. Until he has proof he won't let her out of his sight.

     Julia Dorsey's heart goes out to Alice, the injured child who is the sole survivor of a fatal carriage accident. When she learns the crash was the result of a kidnapping gone wrong, Julia vows to protect her charge at all costs, even if it means dealing with the brute who has stolen them away to a hidden location.  

     When their location is revealed and the traitor takes action, Tristan and Julia must join forces to hunt him down. In the race to save young Alice, their journey leads to unexpected discoveries and rewards.  

But are the rewards enough to satify their deepest yearnings?

Scandal's Choice

When does convenience become inconvenient?  

  Considered by society to be the odd Longborough sister, Elizabeth has decided two failed Seasons are as many as she can tolerate. But her plan to return home and run her father’s household is shattered when he remarries and an unfortunate incident at a local assembly limits her prospects even more. 
     Returned to England with war injuries that resulted in the amputation of his leg, Major Michael Warleigh hates the idea of being dependent on anyone, especially his brother and sister-in-law. Their overwrought pity and plans for his invalid care make him shudder. 
     Neither of them like the prospect of returning home, nor do they have many choices in the matter. What began as a flippant remark grows into a genuine proposal, and they make a marriage of convenience. But when the past that Michael thought buried surfaces Elizabeth’s budding hope for more than convenience are put in doubt.

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